What is Epoxy flooring?

Qaswa chemicals approving manufacturers and suppliers of a qualitative collection of product of Epoxy Flooring in Lahore Our products following international market and local market trend and using top available waterproofing technologies. These are extensively used by customers to provide attractive. Epoxy flooring is a very single floor measurable that has inch by inch full-grown in popularity. It’s mostly general uses are in hospital, Offices, schools and industrial environment. Our team expert step by step installs epoxy flooring within 1 month.

Epoxy flooring Advantage!

We are going to consider the advantages of epoxy flooring. It is something that can be used on floor.

    • Durability
    • Strength
    • Saves time
    • Easier to clean
    • Chemically resistant
    • Brightness
    • Enables the environment
    • Epoxy flooring Disadvantages

No matter where are you increasing Epoxy Flooring in Lahore , A uncommon drawbacks come with it. A lack of experience can be drawbacks during the applications process. It’s main to identify that time limits polymer epoxy product are very important.

Epoxy flooring Install process Tips!

If you are trying to install process epoxy flooring on your specific. You have to know the tricks of the trade. Keep all in customer mind and before you add floor. It’s imperative to follow the constructor’s instructions if you are dying.

Where to use Epoxy flooring?

While epoxy flooring are fairly common in the garage, there are sufficiently of areas you can put in this shiny, bright surface. You will see good return on investment the day you sell.

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Underground room
  • Patios
  • Pool Deck
  • TV Room

There are three types of epoxy flooring

  • Solvent Borne epoxy
  • Waterborne epoxy
  • Solid epoxy
  • Solvent Borne epoxy

Solvent Borne Epoxy Flooring in Lahore is the traditional kind of epoxy that was first used long before other kind. They are also highly flammable, so that is something you should consider about Solvent Borne epoxy.

Waterborne epoxy!

The next type of epoxy flooring is the waterborne epoxy. Waterborne epoxy type of water soluble and uses water as it main carrier, not Solvent

It is easy to maintain!

Cleaning and maintaining an epoxy interior flooring Sunshine Coast is a breeze. Because of its resin and glossy finish, almost all substances or liquid that spilled over can be mopped and wiped with ease. This means that there’s no need for you to get overly concerned or anxious about getting unsightly blotches on the floor. The seamless nature of the epoxy resin floor installation also prevents mould and bacteria from growing and thriving in the nooks and crannies of the floor, making it hygienic and free from allergens.

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