Thermal Insulation Board. Thermal insulation material (extruded polystyrene board) For Roof & Walls. To Reduce Electricity Bills.There are many types of jumbolon sheets in market . we try to provide best sheets to our best customers at best time.what is jumbolon sheet.

Jumbolon Board!

  • Best used for thermal Insulation of Roofs and Walls of Houses / Buildings for thermal Comfort / Cold storage and water tank.
  • Do not let heat transfer from Roof / walls of the building
  • Excellent Insulation properties with Excellent compressive strength
  • To help in reducing Electricty Bills
  • Can be Plastered & Painted with water based paints
  • Excellent resistant to moisture
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to lay / fix
  • Light weight
  • Long life insulation
  • Thicknesses 20mm
  • Can easily be cut with Saw / Knife / Paper cutter


We use state of the art technology for producing Diamond Jumbolon Board ( Extruded PolyStyrene Board) according to ASTM C 578 to match international quality Standards of manufacturing. Further to our efforts for delivering quality products to our clients, we have earned ISO 9001-2015 quality certification. Our team has a vast experience in insulating and water proofing of buildings.

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